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Top Google searches on coronavirus COVID-19 related topic in US

As the world comes to terms with coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic which has put most of the countries on lockdown mode, people have been searching the internet for answers to their questions related to the disease, the symptoms of the infection, and the availability of vaccine to fight COVID-19.
Some of the top trended questions were; "When will flights resume in UK?" or "Drive by graduation party ideas in US" also "COVID toe rash" and "First dog with coronavirus".
 While in the US some of the questions asked on the internet related to coronavirus was; "When will Disney reopen?", "What is pneumonia?", "What is coronavirus?".
 The world trending questions were; "Who can be tested for coronavirus?", "How to make a face mask for coronavirus?", "When will lockdown end?".
People have been searching for symptoms of the disease and 'fever' is the most searched followed by sore throat.
In the US, people are worried about their jobs and the economic chaos which will follow the coronavirus crisis. The word 'unemployment' was one of two most searched words, the second word was stock market. The 'twc unemployment website' is one of the three most visited websites in the US.
Meanwhile, a US-based compnay Gilead Sciences Inc who has been conducting tests for the remdesivir drug as a suitable vaccine for the coronavirus has come up with significant results. Early results from a key clinical trial on Wednesday showed that the drug was helpful for patients to recover more quickly from the COVID-19 illness. 
The company is also studying the drug in patients with less severe COVID-19, but those results are not expected until later next month. Since there are no approved treatments or preventive vaccines for COVID-19 interest in this drug is high.

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