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Removal of portraits of Kim Jong-un's dad, grandfather sparks rumors of his death

In a significant development, huge portraits of Kim's grandfather and father, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, were suddenly removed from Kim Il Sung Square in North Korea's Pyongyang, sparking rumours over the heatlh of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
NK News reported on Friday (May 15) that the portraits were removed unceremoniously and no one knows the exact reason behind this development. Daily Express quoted journalist Roy Calley as saying that a statue of Kim Jong Il has also been dismantled.
According to Calley, Kim Il Sung Square's was last renovated in 2012 after the death of Kim Jong Il. "The fact that portraits have been removed is very interesting," said Calley.
Calley, however, asserted that as per the traditions of North Korea, Kim cannot have any portraits or statues made in his likeness "unless he's dead." 
NK News reported that satellite images showed that the viewing platform in Kim Il Sung Square, which is used by senior officials of North Korea to watch military parades, has been demolished. The report added that the entry of vehicles has been closed from the west side of the square.
In April, it was widely speculated across the globe that Kim had died from an unsuccessful operation. But the rumours were laid to rest on May 2 after a video surfaced showing Kim hailing the opening of a fertilizer factory in Pyongyang.
But Kim has not been seen in public for the lkast two weeks and now rumors are doing the rounds that the video showing Kim at fertilizer was taken previously and he is already dead. According to experts, if Kim has died, his Kim Yo Jong could take the reins.
On May 15, it was reported that Kim had sacked his head of security and head of the country's military intelligence agency. Some media reports claimed that the North Korean leader had also fired the commander of the Supreme Guard, who was taking care of Kim's personal safety since 2010.

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