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Woman prison officer gets 10-month jail for having relationship with inmate


 A female prison officer in England’s Yorkshire was jailed for 10 months for having a relationship with one of the inmates.

The 22-year-old woman, Scarlett Aldrich, even got the prison number of the jailed man named Jones tattooed on her body.

When her superiors discovered the body art, they sent her to undergo a medical examination.

Following the discovery, a case was registered against her. She admitted misconduct in public office and smuggling a mobile phone and sim card into prison at a previous hearing, a report by the Daily Mail said.

The officers even found love letters from Aldrich in the inmates’ cell.

The judge hearing the matter considered a suspended sentence, but the charges were so serious that he imposed ten months' custody, with half to be served.

“'You allowed yourself to be taken in by him. You put the safety and security of the prison in jeopardy,” the judge said.

The prosecutor informed the court that the accused lady visited the prison workshop quite frequently and spent hours with the said inmate.

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